Cyberpunk 2077’s release version is still buggy as hell

Cyberpunk 2077 is out now, and as with maximum recreation releases this present day, it is getting patched proper out of the gate. In my overview, I stated I skilled a nonstop onslaught of insects, from distracting audiovisual tics to some game-breakers that required reloading a save to mend. That is even after receiving an early 50GB model of the discharge day patch, despite the fact that CDPR says extra fixes are rolled into what people are getting nowadays. Learn our Cyberpunk 2077 Day 1 patch explainer to transparent up the confusion round that. 

However, patch in hand, now could be when the actual check starts. We have now already taken a broader have a look at how buggy Cyberpunk 2077 has been for different PCG editors and retailers, however how buggy is it within the fingers of the general public? Let’s have a look across the web to determine what gamers are experiencing. 

Consider, all console gamers may have the release patch from the get-go—it is a part of the preload. PC gamers won the patch as soon as the sport unlocked.

Scripting insects

Our intrepid reporter Christopher Livinston, embedded are living in Evening Town, has this to file.

Chris: I skilled a couple of insects very early on, like NPCs who would stroll thru me like ghosts, floating gadgets like soda cans, and a man I shot in a van whose frame flew up about 30 toes into the air like a rocket. Then I came upon a place within the street proper outdoor V’s rental the place each unmarried automobile slowly turns a nook after which completely destroys itself towards the similar barricade. Actually each unmarried automobile. It is spell binding.

Won’t ever development in Cyberpunk 2077 as a result of I will be able to’t prevent staring at each unmarried driving force slowly crash into this one barricade after which yell at me about it 10, 2020

Once I in spite of everything left that sight to do the ripperdoc project, the place you get your first implant, the physician finished the process however the project by no means up to date in my magazine. I could not do anything else extra with the physician or transfer onto the following project, and my spouse Jackie had utterly vanished from the sector, so I summoned my automobile (which spawned inside of some other automobile, flipped over, and exploded) after which drove round somewhat ahead of in spite of everything reloading my previous autosave ahead of the ripperdoc project. This time, when he used to be completed, the log up to date and I may to find Jackie upstairs. Cyberpunk 2077 is ridiculously buggy.

And perhaps this is not a trojan horse in keeping with se, however rolling the quantity wheel on my keyboard makes my persona jerkily glance up and down. I’ve by no means noticed a recreation react to the quantity wheel ahead of. Wild.

Redditors had been noting identical scripting problems, with Nox Snow announcing, “All the way through the primary major project within the recreation (the beginning of the 2018 48-minute gameplay demo), I pick out up Sandra Dorsett’s frame and move to the balcony of the construction, however the recreation fails to recognise that I have reached my vacation spot, the flying police automobile by no means arrives. This took place a couple of occasions regardless of my loading the ultimate checkpoint.”

In the meantime, consumer Gatorfreak_luke62 says, “I needed to reload and skip the educational. Stored bugging out and could not entire goals.”

Razgriz417 additionally had hassle with the educational: “first bugged quest, cant do the choice stealth instructional as corpo, doesnt acknowledge that i tagged all of the goals. Attempting previous autosaves now nevertheless it looks as if unwell simply must skip the educational utterly” 

Deficient efficiency on consoles 

Let’s get this out of the way in which, as a result of it is dominating the dialog in different places. In nowadays’s efficiency, insects, system defects, and improve megathread over on /r/Cyberpunkgame—the place I am sourcing many of the Reddit studies right here—gamers are seeing deficient console efficiency, in particular at the base Xbox One and PS4, despite the fact that some PS4 Professional and Xbox One X gamers are upset too. 

Consumer johndems026 (Xbox One X) studies framerate dips all through firefights and using ceaselessly dip underneath 30 and get beautiful uneven. Avalon2247 is not having the perfect time on their PS4, with textures loading incorrectly and a couple of crashes. “It is a actual disgrace seeing as the sport is freaking wonderful but it is similar to Fallout 4 efficiency sensible,” they are saying.

SinOfSloth’s base PS4 ain’t pulling thru. “Textures are so deficient. Constructions appear to be they’re from GTA 4. NCPs glance PS2-level (severely). NCPs exchange while you glance away for a 2d. NCPs mouths don’t transfer once they’re chatting with you.” They move on to say a blurriness, most probably a mix of low textures and determination, together with a in moderation populated town and large body drops whilst using. 

Twitter consumer Spray UK is not pleased with how Evening Town seems to be at the Xbox One, and we will be able to see why.

That is what I imply through shit graphics (uploaded instantly from xbox 1 so this is not decompressed) 9, 2020


Early recreation sidekick Jackie, who looks like a homage to Batou from Ghost within the Shell, is the reason for many issues. Reddit consumer Kalamando (Xbox Sequence X) says Jackie, a excellent pal of V’s and loyal better half within the early hours, then disappears all through the pickup project at the Nomad trail on every occasion they move off to loot. SuckMyKissx (Xbox One S) additionally misplaced their Jackie all through an early project. He merely disappeared and so they could not raise on. 

XaeroGravity (Xbox Sequence X) misplaced Jackie too: “I will be able to’t development previous the top of the Pick out Up project. Jackie simply disappears midway in the course of the battle and renders the top of the project unplayable. Been making an attempt for the previous hour.”

Resetera poster leng jai is having necessarily the other downside: “Getting an attractive common glitch the place the subtitles for Jackie simply keep caught at the display ceaselessly.

And this is Chris once more, who wishes to speak to Jackie to finish a quest however cannot as a result of this pushy jerk may not let him.

Throughout the door 15 meters away? Jackie, who I wish to communicate to so I will be able to end the search. Out of doors? Shovey Guy who may not let me within the door. Cannot save and reload cuz it may not let me save. Cannot kill Shovey Guy cuz it may not let me draw a gun. Phoned Jackie and he does not solution. 10, 2020

Glitch out along with your bits out

One of the vital fun ordinary insects is that V cannot stay it of their pants. Some gamers are merely dropping their garments, like Last_colossi from the Resetera discussion board, who asks, “Is any person else with the GOG model having a glitch the place V simply turns into bare randomly all through cutscenes and gameplay?… motive that helps to keep going down for some reason why.”

Linus815 is having a identical downside: “My V’s boobs are glitching thru my most sensible lol”. Later, they notice that “in case you put a hat on… then glance within the replicate…. you’re going to be bald. Additionally, my persona helps to keep getting bare. And my boobs are nonetheless clipping in the course of the most sensible continuously. this recreation is bizarre”

Cyberpunk 2077 is a landmark online game: the primary I have ever performed the place my persona’s dick began clipping thru their pants once I modified apparatus.December 9, 2020

MatildaMuggins has garments on once they must be off, however one thing else has long gone off track. “If I take my garments off it displays bare within the menu, but when I glance down in recreation V continues to be dressed in garments. Then if I glance within the replicate within the rental he is bare however the penis is lacking :(“

Over on Reddit, derrida_n_shit laments, “I am on PC and I simply need my persona to put on garments. She’s strolling across the town together with her coochie putting out.” Additionally they say, “This recreation is ridiculously buggy. I stay discovering palm timber flashing out and in of my rental and regardless of what number of outfits I placed on, my persona is continuously bare. Now and again there are pedestrians wandering round my toilet! This recreation is meant to be immersive however rattling, that is immersion-breaking. Handiest making me immersed within the improve workforce of reporting insects on-line.”

The problem with the palm timber showing thru partitions is some other not unusual one, with plant lifestyles seeming to forget about constructions to look for your line of sight without reference to what is blockading it. Here is a screenshot of the phenomenon captured through our Wes Fenlon, from early within the recreation. Word the little palm timber showing to hover within the air.

(Symbol credit score: CD Projekt Purple)UI and controls 

UI problems are some other not unusual criticism, with notifications refusing to vanish. Our Tim Clark is one of the experiencing this one, announcing, “I picked up a stapler within the place of business after which may now not take away the ‘you’ve got a stapler that is its data’ field from the display without reference to what I did.” Telephone controls may not move away for some gamers too. Reloading a save is the one strategy to eliminate chronic floating textual content.

Resetera consumer Sanctuary had some unhealthy good fortune with controls proper out of the gate: “No longer even out of the primary house but and already hit a trojan horse. My dash key simply randomly stopped running till I reloaded the sport.” 

Audiovisual mayhem 

I imagine there are a couple of problems 10, 2020

Weapons disappearing, heads isolating from our bodies, automobiles clipping thru partitions, textures now not loading, asset duplication and floating characters, gamers falling in the course of the backside of the sector, we were given all of it. 

At the audio aspect some gamers are reporting that particular sounds, like engine noises, any gun that’s not shot through V, and a few background discussion and tune is not taking part in. 


Extra severely, some gamers are having common crashes. JoJoDentCo will get “a crash like each 10 minutes.” Cane-Skretteberg is “Experiencing chronic crashes at a selected level within the recreation I performed about an hour and 20 mins on PC without a hitches till I were given to the second one actual project (The Ripperdoc). For no matter reason why once I park and Jackie and I am getting out of the automobile and I get started strolling against the target the sport crashes each time because of ‘GPU crash for unknown reason why.’ Has any person else skilled this? I’ve an AMD 5700.”

And, er, Sir_DickButts could also be having hassle with a crash that helps to keep ordinary: “Crashing all through corpo prologue once I move to take a seat in Jenkins place of business, any person else having this downside? Recreation runs clean for the short while I used to be ready to play (but even so a graphical glitch I noticed) and I used to be beginning to get excited however then it crashed thrice in a row in the similar actual spot.”

Over in PS4 land, Boner_Pill says, “the sport has been operating advantageous for me to this point however it’s now crashing each time I attempt to get started the second one project when chatting with Jackie”.

And that’s the reason simply scratching the outside. If you are taking part in Cyberpunk 2077 at the moment, tell us about one of the most insects you could have encountered.

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