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Cyberpunk 2077 is now out within the wild, and Dexter DeShawn has a sophisticated undertaking for you: The Pickup.

If you’ve made acquaintances with Jackie Welles, you’ll quickly be approached by way of Fixer, Dexter DeShawn. He’s a bigger than lifestyles personality with a large proposition for you: safe a Flathead military-grade drone for him.

This wider quest line is divided into 3 missions: The Data, The Pickup and The Heist. The primary two may also be executed in any order, and this information will center of attention at the latter. You’ll leap immediately into those missions or take your time exploring Evening Town – say, looking to earn 10,000 eddies by way of finishing aspect gigs to cower your method thru this quest – however for now, let’s check out what you’ll be doing.

Cyberpunk 2077: The Pickup

In The Pickup, you’ll wish to repair a gentle state of affairs. On your heist, DeShawn hit up a bunch of souped-up mercs – Maelstrom – to procure a high-end piece of company tools: a Flathead spider-bot.

The one drawback, is that Dex struck a take care of their outdated boss, Brick, who’s since been deposed in a coup by way of a brand new chief, Royce.

Now it’s your task to pay a discuss with to the Maelstrom gang, make just right in your take care of Brick, and safe the Flathead. They’re a number of closely augmented dudes who experience a large number of medication, so be expecting issues to get a bit of loopy. You should definitely have a number of well being pieces and a just right vary of guns handy and believe getting some new tools to extend your armour scores.

Dex will let you know that whilst he settled a take care of Brick, Royce most certainly gained’t let issues lie as the brand new head of the Maelstrom gang. He’s so much much less affordable and reached his perch thru violent way, so be ready.

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Must you name Meredith Stout in The Pickup?

Apply the hunt marker in your map to the Maelstrom hideout and also you’ll see Jackie leaning on his motorbike. Prior to that despite the fact that, you have got the choice of assembly with a Corpo, Meredith Stout.

Finishing the hunt after contacting Meredith is probably the most action-orientated method to whole this quest, and can result in a chairman struggle, but in addition extra quests at some point with iconic guns as a praise.

Dex clued you in that Meredith is a Corpo agent concerned with recuperating the cargo that Maelstrom hit – and it’s her head at the block for what they do with it. Telephone her, and arrange a gathering, which is on the subject of the place Jackie is.

After an uncomfortable stumble upon, she’ll drill you with a number of questions prior to you’ll be able to strike a deal – pay for the drone the use of Militech money, and so they’ll be capable of hint the gangsters. Clearly, you get the affect there’s an additional catch right here, and the shard is encrypted, so in the event you’ve were given the abilities, pass forward and try it.

Decrypting the Militech Datashard

Head into the shard segment of your magazine, and also you’ll be capable of carry out a Breach Protocol at the card. Which presentations it’s wearing Malware.

From this, you’ll be able to extrapolate that this may increasingly give Meredith the information on Maelstrom to carry again to her bosses. If you wish to screw over Militech, successfully paying with their money however now not giving them the information they would like, you’ll be able to decrypt the shard.

On the other hand, you gained’t be capable of do their further quest later.

It will be a good suggestion to do a guide save prior to making an attempt this. Open up the stock menu and search for the Shards possibility, opting for the Militech Datashard. You’re operating in opposition to the code BD BD FF 55 1C E9, which can neutralise any malware at the card and also you’ll get a Quickhack referred to as Synapse Burnout.

Meet with Jackie

Without reference to whether or not you decrypt the Shard or now not, catch up with Jackie after the stumble upon and feature a talk concerning the plan. You’ll suggest that there’s prone to be a struggle, that you’ll be able to use the Militech card to pay for the robotic or, in the event you’ve been hustling, you’ll be able to entrance the ten,000 eddies your self.

After that, head to the All Meals gate to go into the Maelstrom Base. Use the intercom to allow them to know that Dex despatched you – that may’t be a nasty factor, proper?

Maelstrom Base

There are a couple of instructions you’ll be able to take the hunt from this level. It’s essential to pass in all weapons blazing. Firing once you input the construction gained’t alert a mass of goons to converge on you, so you’ll be able to sneak and hack your method round and pass at the hunt for the bot.

You’ll even keep away from the boss struggle with Royce solely if you want, despite the fact that you gained’t get his Epic Jacket or Iconic Weapon this manner.

On the other hand, if you wish to pay with the Militech card, or keep away from a struggle, then play alongside for now.

There are quite a lot of lootable pieces within the Maelstrom Base, so pass forward and pick out up anything else that isn’t nailed down. You’ll be following Jackie for probably the most section till you achieve a gang member referred to as DumDum.

He’s beautiful opposed at first, and Jackie will refuse to take a seat down. It’s as much as you whether or not you interfere at this level or now not, however once more in the event you’d like a relaxed finishing or pay with the Militech card, insist he sits – in a different way, it’s combating o’clock.

In case you have the Side road Child background, you’ll be capable of chat medication with DumDum and he turns into so much friendlier, nearly promoting the Flathead to you prefer a automotive salesman.

You’ll ultimately spot Royce lurking within the background and while you point out Brick, he’ll sing his own praises his chest and are available over all raging. All solutions listed below are timed, so that you’ll wish to react in no time, even on simple mode. You’re successfully opting for whether or not you’ll be buddies or enemies with Maelstrom at this level, so right here’s the place each and every possibility leads:

  • When you pay for the bot your self or use a decrypted model of the Militech card, you’ll get off Scot-free and Maelstrom gained’t be antagonistic in opposition to you.
  • When you use the Shard and it hasn’t been decrypted, you’re successfully siding with Militech and a struggle will ensue, with Royce slipping out of the room.
  • You’ll additionally use a blank Shard or your personal money and nonetheless pass ham and shoot everybody, which once more aligns you with Militech to some degree.
  • Refuse to pay whatsoever, and within the stand-off, draw your weapon and kill Royce, skipping the boss struggle later.

How you can get the non violent finishing with Maelstrom

Relying on in case you have Frame 6 or now not, there can be an approach to drop Royce after he asks who you’re operating for. You’ll draw your weapon and it gained’t affect whether or not you get a “non violent” finishing or now not, so fit Maelstrom at their very own sport in the event you like.

When you give Royce the wiped clean Shard, you’ll inform him that Militech is looking at. Look forward to him to tempo round and ultimately he’ll inform you to snatch the bot.

You’ll be capable of go away then – by the use of the air flow shaft, if you wish to concentrate to DumDum – however in the event you head to the again of the room and snatch grenades, you’ll be able to climb a ladder and to find a couple of cool lootable pieces and a few money.

Ultimately, you’ll observe DumDum to a location the place you’ll wish to struggle it out with some Militech enemies, so be ready. There’s a room on this house that’s lit up with pink lighting fixtures with a terminal inside of that holds some candy data – evidence of a mole inside of Militech. It’ll say “Transports – LOA” and also you’ll be the use of this on your benefit very quickly.

The boss struggle is in opposition to two Militech mechs and Royce will come alongside for the journey, so equip some just right grenades – EMP ones, in case you have them – and benefit from the struggle. Royce can be reluctant to thanks afterwards, so sweep the realm for loot like The Defender LMG and experience the ones perk issues.

After that, you’re loose to move and make contact with Dex to inform him the Flathead is to your ownership. Militech can be ready outdoor, greater than a bit of frustrated. You’ll make a selection to offer them the mole data or simply go away of your personal accord.

How you can get the non violent finishing with Militech

With the exception of moving into weapons blazing, in the event you use the Shard and it hasn’t been decrypted, you’ll wish to struggle your method out. As I mentioned previous, you’ll be able to additionally make a selection to not interfere when Jackie squares as much as DumDum and may also take down Royce throughout the discussion segment, however one of the best ways is to simply pay with the malware card.

When you pass down this direction, you’ll be taking pictures your method out. After you’ve cleared the negotiating room, make your method throughout the vents with Jackie and head down thru the remainder of the All Meals plant.

There are a pair extra rooms filled with Maelstrom gangsters, however whenever you achieve the second one massive room, which looks as if a lab. Glance over to the left-hand aspect, up a small flight of stairs.

At the back of a locked door you’ll see the outdated Maelstrom boss, Brick, stored trapped as a trophy by way of Royce.

How you can loose Brick in The Pickup

Because it seems, Brick isn’t useless in the end – he’s simply ready to be rescued.

To open the locked door, all you wish to have to do is scan it like you can in the event you had been quickhacking an enemy and make a selection “Far flung Deactivation”.

Within, you’ll see Brick trapped by way of a landmine, not able to transport.

Once more, there are a couple of techniques you’ll be able to take on this conundrum:

  • Simply to the suitable of the locked door, within the lab room subsequent to it, you’ll discover a detonator at the aspect. Disarm the price and also you’ll be capable of loose Brick with out the vital attributes.
  • Strolling as much as the mine slowly permits you to disarm it with 7 Technical Skill
  • Or, extra simply, you’ll be able to scan it and disarm it such as you did with the door

Brick will thanks for releasing him, and re-establish his extra tempered grip at the Maelstrom gang – plus he’ll owe you a favour.

Within the subsequent room, in the event you haven’t overwhelmed him already, you’ll achieve the boss room with Royce in a Mech go well with.

His armour makes him tough to wreck with customary guns, so equip some grenades to your stock to make quick paintings of him. Attack rifles and shotguns also are just right right here if you’ll be able to goal his face, despite the fact that be careful for his laser assaults and pre-emptively heal steadily. You’ll get an Epic Jacket and Iconic weapon, Chaos, for beating him.


When you attacked the bottom prior to the drone is introduced out, you’ll wish to hunt for it in a again room, however by way of that time, you’ve most certainly already dedicated to stealthily getting throughout the house, so simply use cameras and Quickhacks on your benefit.

Or in the event you paid with the Militech card, you allow the plant by way of the again front, best to search out Meredith Stout looking forward to you.

You’ll specific your displeasure that she threw you to Maelstrom realizing they’d throw down over the malware, however there’s no honour amongst corps.

Meredith is inspired that you simply controlled to make it out of there, and pledges to can help you stay the Flathead.

Say that you simply’d love to spend extra time together with her within the resulting dialog, and she or he’ll take it as you coming onto her. This unlocks some other quest later – Venus in Furs – which provides you with one of the crucial extra hilarious guns within the sport.

Both method, your function now’s to chase up the lead with Evelyn Parker, or transfer onto The Heist.

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