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As a part of the primary opening tale in Cyberpunk 2077, Dex sends you on a undertaking to dig up some information on a super-wealthy Corpo.

You’ll be able to make a selection to finish The Pickup or The Knowledge missions in any order you prefer sooner than finishing The Heist, and you’ll be able to to find The Pickup information right here. The Knowledge is a miles shorter and easy undertaking than The Pickup and might be your advent to the Braindance mechanic.

Be warned – the flashing lighting fixtures from the Braindance system has brought about epileptic seizures in some gamers, so chances are you’ll need to glance away when the flashing starts.

Cyberpunk 2077: The best way to whole The Knowledge questline

Step one of this quest is to go to Lizzie’s Bar between 6 pm and six am, so for those who arrive a little bit early, open your menu and make a selection the Wait method to let time move you via. The bouncers will point out the Braindance stuff and set a couple of floor regulations sooner than you’re allowed in.

Whenever you’re within, head as much as the bar for a talk with Mateo, the barman. He’ll make some small communicate sooner than you ask to peer Evelyn Parker, and you’ll be able to attempt to bribe him for more information. Thankfully, Evelyn has been looking at and can manner you. She’ll ask you to apply her to a again room the place you’ll be able to get the lowdown on what’s happening.

Discuss with Evelyn to be told concerning the Relic biochip

She’ll attempt to dig for info for your reliability, how lengthy you’ve recognized Dex and she or he provides off a common vibe that she doesn’t have a lot time for Fixers and far prefers a devoted staff – have in mind this, because it’s moderately necessary later.

Ultimately, you’ll speak about what she’s after: a Relic, the Protected Your Soul trinket from Yorinobu Arasaka, which makes this heist moderately bad certainly. You’ll wish to get within Konpeki Plaza, a sumptuous lodge, nevertheless it’ll be some time sooner than you’ll be visiting.

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Yorinobu has been disowned via his father, Saburo Arasaka, and has long past a little bit rogue. He’s paranoid, so there’s little “huscle” round him, as Evelyn places it, however there’s nonetheless a large number of safety tech you’ll sooner or later wish to handle.

She’ll be intentionally obscure with main points on why he needs to promote the biochip, what her courting is with him and the like, however after your chat, she’ll lead you to Judy and the uncooked Braindance revel in she has to provide.

Braindance instructional

Judy will set you up at the Braindance system and communicate you thru your first instructional. It’s photos you’ve most likely observed sooner than in Night time Town Stressed episodes, the place one thug robs the shop and the opposite one shoots him. Apply Judy’s directions to be told about going into enhancing mode and analysing Audio, Visible and Thermal layers for clues.

In case you watch the highest bar, you’ll see a block seem in each and every layer’s line that signifies there’s one thing to be discovered. Seek for one thing sparkling within the corresponding color – on the subject of Visible, one thing orange – or that has a magnifying glass icon.

Some clues will overlap and also you’ll wish to rewind and turn between layers to seek out anything else. The Braindance controls keep at the display screen the entire time, so that you’re not going to get caught.

To go out the Braindance, hit circle on PlayStation controllers and B on Xbox gamepads. After that, Judy and Evelyn will ask you to move thru some other Braindance to seek out the biochip. You’ll need to carry T Worm on board, a lot to Judy’s reluctance, as she allow you to with safety techniques and studying extra information.

Braindance in Konpeki Plaza to seek out the Relic

Once more, this segment is beautiful simple. You’ll be able to optionally seek for safety techniques, which you’ll do most commonly thru Visible and Audio layers. Glance up prime for safety cams and use the Audio layer when it turns into to be had to listen to a drone within the centre of the room.

You’ll be able to additionally keep in playback mode the primary time to look at all of it from Evelyn’s point of view as some other non-compulsory activity.

You’ll be going from side to side so much and it’s a gorgeous easy undertaking till you want to scan the Datapad. Wait till Evelyn has completed opting for some tune then head to the bed room. You’ll discover a candy gun on a desk close to the tip of the mattress and the Datapad in a drawer, so pass forward and scan it.

After that, you’ll be capable to turn on the Thermal layer and seek for the Relic. In case you rewind to the 45-second mark, you’ll see a inexperienced smokey house within the left nook of the primary room, previous the settee. Scan it to seek out the positioning of the Relic.

It’s price amassing all of the safety intel and finishing the non-compulsory steps as they seem, as there’s no cut-off date to this undertaking. Glance out for the blocks showing within the best bar and magnifying glass icons to seek out the whole thing.

Afterwards, go out the Braindance and feature a talk with Judy, who reckons she’s going to finally end up lifeless on account of this undertaking. You and Evelyn can do your highest to reassure her, however she’s on edge.

Must you betray Dex?

Within the ultimate moments of this undertaking, Evelyn will make you a tempting be offering: to double-cross Dex and go away him out of it. She’ll provide you with 50% of the proceeds for those who lower out the center guy, however you don’t wish to decide at this time. In case you inform her you’ll take into consideration it, you aren’t agreeing to anything else at this level, however you are going to get her quantity.

It doesn’t topic which selection you’re making between those discussion choices. Pissing off your Fixer is dangerous trade that would price you your existence however as Evelyn reminds you, it would additionally make you a legend. As I stated, you don’t want to select at this time and the results of your selection received’t be glaring instantly because it doesn’t in reality arise once more… Till later.

After your chat with Evelyn, discuss with Dex to finish the undertaking. You’ll be able to both transfer directly to The Pickup for those who haven’t finished it or The Heist.

In case you’re simply getting began in Night time Town, you’ll be able to take a look at our guides on which Lifepaths and Attributes you will have to make a selection, the place to seek out your pre-order pieces, the way to clear up hacking puzzles and what the most productive guns are.

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