Cyberpunk 2077 Characters Won’t Stop Following Some Players Around

Screenshot: CDPR / Kotaku

Cyberpunk 2077 is having a buggy release, from the hilarious to the disappointing. Some avid gamers are reporting a computer virus that’s both humorous or creepy, relying the way you take a look at it: tale NPCs who received’t prevent following them round.

(Some gentle tale spoilers for Cyberpunk 2077 forward.)

You meet Maelstrom gang member Dum Dum in an early tale project on the gang’s hideout. The project can cross numerous other ways relying the way you play, however more than one avid gamers are reporting that Dum Dum follows them round lengthy after his project is over, appearing up on Night time Town streets or even accompanying them on next tale missions. “He in truth helped me struggle too!” one participant wrote on Reddit. Avid gamers also are reporting the computer virus on Twitter, together with sharing photographs of Dum Dum’s quite a lot of awkward cameos. Some document that they’ll lose him for some time, just for him to magically reappear within the background or of their automobiles.

Dum Dum’s no longer the one overly-attached NPC. One participant wrote on Reddit that Hwangbo, an NPC you rescue in an aspect project, has since been following them round. “Rapid commute will eliminate him for a couple of mins, however then I see the fairway icon seem on my radar and likely sufficient he’s following me throughout Night time Town,” they wrote, sharing a hilarious imgur gallery of the effects. This computer virus isn’t rather as out-of-the-blue as Dum Dum; you’re intended to escort Hwangbo to a dropoff level, however the participant writes that the project “by no means stepped forward after the section the place the dangerous guys come. Shootout came about after which that used to be actually it. Now he follows me all over.”

If you happen to’re having an NPC computer virus and for some explanation why aren’t totally in love with it, avid gamers are providing quite a lot of fixes. Some avid gamers are pronouncing Dum Dum disappeared for them as they stepped forward in the course of the tale. Others discovered they might lose him by way of temporarily using clear of him in a one-seat automobile.

Many avid gamers are discovering it beautiful hilarious, a sentiment I’ve to mention I proportion. I haven’t skilled this computer virus myself, however please display me your footage you probably have. Shall we all use a bit pleasure.

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