Cyberpunk 2077: Character creation guide

Cyberpunk 2077 provides plenty of persona advent choices when you get started a brand new sport. You’ll see other presets, facial options, or even nudity.

Along those are picks on your persona’s existence trail (foundation tale/prologue) and attributes. Anyway, right here’s our information that will help you out.


Cyberpunk 2077: The fundamentals of persona advent

Whenever you get started Cyberpunk 2077‘s marketing campaign, you’re brought about to choose a problem in addition to your persona’s existence trail. That is just about the foundation tale of the principle persona, V.

It’s a prologue that takes more or less 4 to 5 hours to finish (until photograph mode distracts you to no finish).

Whenever you’ve selected a existence trail, you’ll be able to then get started with persona advent. To start with, you’ll be capable of select a male or feminine frame.

You might also make a selection whether or not V’s voice is masculine or female. Cyberpunk 2077‘s NPCs will then check with V the usage of male or feminine pronouns (or phrases like “chico/chica”) respectively.

From right here, further choices turn out to be to be had. Probably the most elementary ones, in fact, are referring to your persona’s seems to be (face, coiffure, hair colour, eyes, nostril, scars, and tattoos). If a ramification has a small icon with a couple of bins, that implies quite a lot of choices are to be had (normally comparable to paint palettes).

It is advisable to additionally make a choice a preset after which upload additional stuff, or simply randomize the whole lot.

On the very backside, despite the fact that, you’ll in finding the up to now introduced nudity and genital customization choices. If you wish to permit nudity, be sure that censoring isn’t energetic within the gameplay settings, too.

Be aware: It’s imaginable to mix other customizations (frame kind, voice, and genitals) relying in your personal tastes.


The closing display screen you’ll care for as a part of Cyberpunk 2077‘s persona advent displays your attributes. By means of default, each and every one has 3 issues and you have got seven additional issues to allocate. Simply understand that attributes max out at stage six a minimum of all the way through the nature advent procedure.

Playstyle Center of attention
Results in line with stage/level
Uncooked energy, melee battle, protection
+5 HP; +3 stamina issues;
+3 harm with fists and Gorilla Palms;
+1.5% harm with melee guns;
Motion whilst grappling an enemy and grapple length;
6% reduced motion penalty whilst grabbing an enemy or whilst wielding a heavy gadget gun
+0.5% quickhack harm and +1% quickhack length;
+4% cyberdeck RAM capability (principally your “mana” while you hack items and NPCs)
Motion and maneuverability
+1% passive evasion vs. enemy assaults;
+1% crit probability;
+3 Mantis Blades harm
Technical Skill
Tech weaponry
+5% armor ranking;
Door unlocking by means of tech
Stealth and different quirks
+2% crit harm;
+1% resistance vs. all harm varieties;
+10% stealth harm;
+3 Monowire harm;
+0.5% enemy detection velocity while you’re stealthed

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