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Within the aftermath of the Relic task, V wishes monitor down the customer who get them into this mess within the first position. Their one lead: Lizzie’s Bar, the place you get started Cyberpunk 2077’s Computerized Love quest.

To begin, name Judy Alvarez by means of opening your telephone menu. Then discuss to her up to you favor, earlier than asking after Evelyn. She tells you to drop it, however telling Judy that she’s your most effective lead updates your goal to fulfill her at Lizzie’s bar.

Cyberpunk 2077 Computerized Love Quest

With the added impetus of a touch at the within, head to Lizzie’s Bar and phone the Mox bouncer outdoor. Head down into the basement to talk to Judy.

You stroll in on a controversy between Susie Q – who runs Lizzie’s Bar and the Mox gang – and Judy. You’ll be able to communicate to her about it, or minimize to the chase.

All over the dialog, with Cool 5 you’ll quip again, or you’ll simply press additional – observe her into the server room and she or he’ll degree with you.

Select up Evelyn’s cigarette case, which leads you to the Clouds membership in megatower H8.

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As you permit, Judy will ask you to attend up – comply with let her understand how Evelyn is and she or he’ll be appreciative. Judy’s crucial personality who includes a lot all over the sport, and is a romanceable personality for those who’re enjoying as a feminine V.

Apply the hunt marker out of the membership in the course of the supervisor’s place of work, snagging the 700 eddies from the secure as you stroll previous.

With 9 Reflexes you’ll ask Susie about their argument, however your primary goal is the Megabuilding over in Westbrook. This could be the primary time you’ve headed to another a part of Evening Town, so get able to absorb the points of interest.

Megabuilding H8 is administered by means of the Tyger Claws, so while you arrive mosey on previous the toughs outdoor and over to the elevator. Hit the button Clouds – it’s at the twelfth flooring.

With Intel 8 you’ll quiz the receptionist and ask after Evelyn, however both method she’ll press you to jack in.

Must you select Angel or Skye?

Select a safeword and make a choice a doll: Angel is the dude, Skye is the lady.

There’s no practical distinction between the 2 strains, you’ll nonetheless have to come back to the similar conclusion, so it’s down to non-public choice.

To substantiate your variety and proceed the hunt, pay the inexpensive charge and toss your guns within the bin – you received’t in reality want them. For those who’ve were given the Mantis Blades or Gorilla Hands Cyberware, you then’re nonetheless armed.

Take a look across the Clouds membership flooring earlier than going for your sales space and you’ll hack a secure subsequent to the bogs with Technical Talent and Intelligence 5.

For your sales space, discuss to the doll and ask after Evelyn, then communicate via your treatment consultation.

Sooner or later, you’ll haven’t any different choice than to mention your safeword and phone the true Skye or Angel. Ask them about Evelyn, and so they’ll be hesitant to play alongside.

You’ll be able to both threaten them or pay for some extra data. I paid simply because it wasn’t very a lot, and so they mentioned that Evelyn used to be attacked by means of a buyer and to speak to Tom. Additionally they let on that Evelyn’s sales space used to be quantity 11, and you’ll to find Tom upstairs within the VIP space in sales space 2.

Looking Evelyn’s Sales space

Earlier than you’re making your method upstairs, it’s a good suggestion to complete your corporation at the primary Clouds flooring.

Stroll simply down the corridor from both Angel or Skye’s sales space and also you’ll get to Evelyn’s. Within sales space 11, you to find bloodstains, a lacking doll port, and a police holoview by means of scanning the environment. It seems Evelyn used to be the only to instigate the incident, and there’s much more occurring right here than we first idea.

Seems to be love it’s time to speak to Tom.

The way to get to the VIP space of Clouds

To get your VIP credentials, you wish to have to stroll to the again of the membership flooring and pay attention to the altercation by means of the steps.

When a 2nd gangster comes right down to kind out the hubbub, he is going for a wee in the toilet. Apply him in, snatch him, and take him out, dumping the frame within the bin subsequent to the washrooms. In his pocket you’ll to find the authorization for the VIP space upstairs.

With the chip in hand, stroll upstairs and pass the room to sales space 2, then ask Tom about Evelyn.

With Reflexes 9 you’ll press Tom on the place she’s long past, and he issues you to Woodman within the again place of work.

Hack the cameras into pleasant mode then slip in the course of the “No Access” door when nobody’s taking a look.

You wish to have to sneak in the course of the hall to keep away from detection from the adjacent room, and for those who don’t have Frame 9 or Technical Talent 7, you’ll want to sneak in the course of the lounges at the left to get via to the place of work. Be careful for the guards at the settee and regulate their imaginative and prescient cones to slide via undetected.

We’ll suppose that you’ll get in the course of the aspect door, however both method, there are two vital rooms to discuss with earlier than you crash Woodman’s place of work.

To your left simply as you come back in the course of the Frame or Tech door (or round to the precise for those who’ve come in the course of the lounges), there’s a server room. Seize the time table log from the aspect desk for some leveraging data – it’s by means of the door.

Then within the locker room to your proper you’ll snatch Evelyn’s time table and purse for but extra clues.

What to do with Woodman

Now head into the place of work, communicate to Woodman and strike a deal.

You’ll be able to be offering to care for his netrunner downside with Intelligence 8, or pay for the information, or threaten him. He received’t chunk at the bribe, or threats, and can assault you for those who push it. Opting for the violent direction will imply that you need to scour his laptop after a temporary boss combat. This will likely additionally impact later aspect quests with Judy.

On the other hand, for those who cross that intelligence take a look at, Woodman simply tells you what you wish to have to grasp.

Both method, you presently have a brand new lead, a ripperdoc on Jig-Jig Boulevard: Arms.

After he’s given you the information, you’ll both hang up your finish of the cut price with Intelligence 8, or hang out for those who’re hankering for a combat.

Now it’s time to prime tail it out of there, both again the way in which you got here, or in the course of the elevator within the corridor you get to via his place of work again door.

Again out within the megabuilding, communicate in the course of the dialog earlier than calling to replace Judy about Evelyn. Subsequent prevent: jig-jig boulevard.

This technically begins every other hooked up quest as smartly, The Area in Between

Arms’ Store on Jig-Jig Boulevard

Apply the hunt marker to the backstreet ripperdoc. Communicate to the Thugs outdoor, and to keep away from a combat, use Frame 5 or the StreetKid Lifepath.

Make your method upstairs, and Judy will likely be there to lend a hand out, however even supposing the physician is in, you’re in the back of the road.

You will have a couple of choices right here:

  • You’ll be able to bust the door down with Frame 7
  • Communicate the ladies into letting you narrow with Cool 5
  • Persuade them with Frame 5
  • Throw them 900 eddies for his or her bother
  • Or simply let time cross and wait your flip

Thru no matter method, when it’s your flip head within and ask after Evelyn.

Arms will likely be intimidated sufficient by means of the Mox to speak to a undeniable extent – and with Technical Talent 8 you’ll select him up on promoting inaccurate implants.

Push him on Evelyn and you have got a couple of choices: play great, lean to your Mox connection, lean at the Woodman, or sock him within the chops.

First, push the Woodman connection and he’ll discuss how he introduced her to him. He’ll attempt to act tricky to Judy, however threaten to punch him and he’ll squeal.

Arms places you onto a bootleg BD studio. However earlier than you cross, take his Iconic Cottonmouth Sledgehammer from the mattress. No longer most effective is it electrified, however too can poison enemies.

Talk to Judy as you permit and also you’ll get started a brand new quest: Disasterpiece.

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