Crisis!! Super Street Fighter II Turbo Weird-Version Music Deathmatch!

Welcome to Morning Song, Kotaku’s day-to-day hangout for people who love video video games and the cool-ass sounds they make. Nowadays, a knock-down, drag-out brawl to the demise between two little-heard organized variations of Capcom’s maximum enduring preventing recreation. Struggle!

1994’s Tremendous Boulevard Fighter II Turbo (playlist / longplay / VGMdb) was once the general shape, on the time, of the Capcom surprise-hit that modified arcades without end. And it was once laborious to play at house. SNES and Genesis solely were given ports of its wanly won predecessor, Tremendous Boulevard Fighter II, so fanatics needed to flip to weird-ass machines like 3DO or, god forbid, Amiga CD32 to enjoy the magic of great mixtures at house. (I solely had a Ryu/Chun demo of Eurocom’s DOS model. I practices their new strikes over and over again, wishing I had the entire recreation…)

Arcade perfection wasn’t assured again then, some distance from it. If truth be told, a lot of these early variations have been eclipsed only a few years later through still-imperfect PlayStation and Saturn ports. Nevertheless it’s a laugh to appear again at how janky (3DO, CD32) or moderately first rate (DOS!?) a few of these ports have been.

Of particular notice have been their soundtracks. 1994’s Japan-only FM Cities rendition of Tremendous Boulevard Fighter II (longplay) loved, as many video games did on that difficult to understand laptop, an actual cool organized CD soundtrack, and 1994’s extra well known 3DO port of Tremendous Turbo (playlist / longplay) inherited this song. (As did, later, different variations.) Who organized it? I do not know! Nevertheless it’s moderately excellent:

Capcom / CaptainGordonVGM (YouTube)

Then in 1995, around the globe, Eurocom/GameTek put in combination ports for the Amiga CD32 (gameplay, yikes) and DOS (playlist / longplay). The latter integrated each MIDI and organized CD audio through Neil 1st Earl Baldwin of Bewdley and Steve Duckworth, who did a fantastic process:

So, 3DO vs. PC…which archaic, forgotten model of Tremendous Turbo sings perfect? To determine, I evaluated the 16 primary personality subject matters from every soundtrack, pitting like towards like, and conserving a tally of what number of such match-ups every model gained. In a position? Let’s move.


PC Ryu’s were given just a little of a funk groove, wah-wah factor, which is a routine sound in Eurocom’s liberate. 3DO Ryu enjoys a powerful bass presence, sparse however efficient use of Eastern tools, and the atypical orchestra hit. It really works! Level: 3DO.

E. Honda

I had a unmarried notice for the PC’s tackle E. Honda: “devoted.” 3DO Honda, in the meantime, has an excessively authentic-sounding Eastern vibe happening that’s actual delightful, and extra attention-grabbing than maximum renditions of Honda’s theme. Level: 3DO.


On PC I discovered the beat brisk and the sound blank. It has truly cool “synth sweeps” happening within the background, any other routine function of this PC soundtrack that I like. General, it appears like Blanka’s theme however with great upgrades, and jogs my memory why I favored Blanka’s theme within the first position many eons in the past. Prime reward! On the other hand. The 3DO model options brand-new thrives to accessory the acquainted melody, and the whole lot comes in combination fantastically. Nice arranging. It’s shut, however level: 3DO.


PC’s Guile theme begins off great artificial, and has just a little of that porn groove once more. It sounds too skinny early on, however improves through the tip with a pleasant fullness to the electrical guitar. 3DO Guile could be very secure however very competent, handing over an actual strong take at the vintage tune. Excellent bassline, great percussion. Reluctant level to 3DO.


Oof, susceptible MIDI guitar firstly on PC. Some actual great strings within the center, however then a susceptible guitar once more on the finish. Once more, 3DO Ken enjoys a far fuller sound, with meaty electrical guitar, some organ, or even a couple of orchestra hits. Simple win for 3DO.


PC’s Chunners sounds blank as all the time. My liked synth sweeps make an look at 30 seconds, I like them such a lot. “Excellent vibes,” I concluded. However on 3DO I notice, “As soon as once more a contemporary sound! Has intensity. Mid-song lead tool sounds bizarre.” This one’s a toss-up: Tie.


The PC model kicks off with computer-y synth sounds! Then just a little of a dance really feel prior to the common melody kicks in, which itself has an digital edge. “That is rad.” The 3DO model makes in depth use of orchestra hits and later, has some beautiful piano accompaniment. Excellent observe dragged down through all of the orchestra hits. Plus, the PC model simply regulations. Level: PC.


PC’s Sim has an incredibly crisp beat, then blossoms into the acquainted melody in a lovely means. Gentle digital sweepy sounds humming within the again (I approve). 3DO Dhalsim, in the meantime, options ornate instrumentation wearing the standard melody. It’s super-solid and feels very, very fancy. Shut, however level: 3DO.

Dee Jay

Dee Jay’s were given a groovy crowd on PC, cheering and murmuring right through. Great metal drums, a laugh general. 3DO Dee Jay’s now not as openly inventive, however as same old, could be very skillfully organized and nails the melody with fine quality instrumentation. Every other tie.


PC’s Cammy sees a go back of the wah-wah ‘70s porn-y sound, however is in a different way very as regards to the arcade unique. 3DO’s take sounds ethereal and has a peculiar bass hum that I’m now not keen on. General fantastic, however now not a standout. Level: PC, slightly.

T. Hawk

On PC Hawk’s primary horn tool is simply alright. Respectable beat, and general devoted. Reasonable. 3DO sounds extra real looking, however the beat feels roughly sluggish and the horn drones just a little. I don’t love both, however level for general richness: 3DO.

Fei Lengthy

The outlet percussion on PC sounds susceptible, and the observe’s reasonable general. Excellent calories regardless that, and devoted. 3DO Fei has that bizarre low thrum once more, worse than in Cammy, and feels low calories. Level: PC.

Balrog (Boxer)

Love the PC’s tackle Boxer’s iconic Vegas theme. Digital synths abound, and I am keen on the “laser sweeps” that get started at round 0:25. Easiest boxer model in the market, possibly? 3DO Rog is just a little quiet, with a low-energy get started. The principle tool is hole and ethereal. Satisfactory, however sturdy level to PC!

Vega (Claw)

PC’s Claw suffers mediocre, MIDI-ish instrumentation firstly, however the primary chorus 30 seconds in is suitably transferring. 3DO’s a deal with. Its extraordinary take at the guitar intro has a type of low-level depth that’s attention-grabbing, and the observe has excellent instrumentation possible choices right through. Level: 3DO.


Sagat’s were given a groovy intro on PC! Lotta selection: rather wonky primary horn, then wah-wah kicks in, then horn plus electrical guitar. From time to time a gentle digital tinge. Credible! Over on 3DO, the intro’s just a little in every single place, including new notes. The principle tool’s just a little susceptible. Fascinating try at Boulevard Fighter II’s strangest tune, however now not enjoyable sufficient in itself. Level: PC.

M. Bison (Dictator)

Every other cool flourish firstly on PC. It temporarily builds into a nice cacophony, with a excellent bass breakdown, even a couple of digital sweeps. In the meantime 3DO is damned through faint reward: “It’s fantastic.” The electrical guitar is great pretend, a peculiar selection. Not anything particular. Level: PC.

The Verdict

Two ties, seven wins for PC, and 7 for 3DO. A rattling tie?! That’s now not a Fatality, that’s a Friendship! Sorry, didn’t plan it, however that’s the way it grew to become out. The best way I had the tracks ordered 3DO took an early, and I assumed commanding, lead. However then within the again part PC got here roaring again, racking up win after win within the new challenger and boss subject matters. #Inspiring!

They’re each truly excellent at other instances, and one of the most variations exist out of doors of the spaces we checked out. For instance, 3DO has a heck of an ideal Akuma theme and a few killer finishing renditions, whilst Eurocom’s PC model has a large number of a laugh with the generally uninteresting theme diversifications that play at essential well being, occasionally going rogue with totally unique and really a laugh new compositions. Take a look at Zangief’s and Ken’s as an example. Pretty!

Capcom / CaptainGordonVGM (YouTube)

If I have been creating a stage-by-stage best-of playlist I’d make a selection tracks from each video games. Each have so much to counsel, and a couple of duds! Simply um, stick with emulating the arcade model should you wanna in truth play Tremendous Turbo. Those two oldies sound nice, however out of doors of that they belong, if now not in a museum, on nerd-shelves within the background of YouTube movies.

That’s a wrap for these days’s Morning Song! It uh, grew to become out very lengthy. What’s your take in this match-up? Am I on level, or does one model sing the opposite into oblivion? (Nah, I’m all the time on level.) See ya the next day to come!

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