Chronos: Before The Ashes Review – Generation Xbox

The most recent sport from Gunfire Video games and a made over model of Chronos, Sooner than the Ashes is a Souls-esque role-playing sport. It is also a prequel to Remnant: From the Ashes. In it’s unique model, it used to be an Oculus best name whilst this one is for consoles. Let’s see if this model can lift the torch from VR to console.

Gameplay of Chronos

Like said previous, Chronos: Sooner than the Ashes is a Souls-like sport. You defeat enemies, remedy puzzles and degree up as you move. Additionally like a Souls sport, you to find lore concerning the puts you seek advice from and fasten the dots to the sport’s international. There’s additionally an improve device that you simply use to strengthen your guns and degree up your stats with Characteristic issues.

In Chronos, loss of life in truth is given just a little of a twist. When you die, your age will increase by means of 1. This in truth offers your personality further perks like the next energy stat. On the other hand, die an excessive amount of and your personality will get outdated and your stats aggravate. This sort of device makes you be mindful as to wether or now not warding off dying is a good suggestion. It’s a novel take and I in truth to find it reasonably a groovy concept for an RPG to take on.

Exploration is a key facet of the sport as you wish to have to do as a way to transfer ahead and remedy puzzles. Some puzzles do require you to take a look at the main points of statues and total atmosphere so to remedy them. Beautiful Zelda-esque, which is already been used within the Souls method for some time. It’s now not a foul factor, by means of the best way.

Struggle and issue

The battle of Chronos is lovely straight-forward, but stress-free. You could have susceptible assaults and robust assaults, a block button and a dodge button. There’s a capability you get early on from NPC that improves your battle by means of a complete lot. You hit tougher and sooner, nevertheless it’s a meter you refill.

With this being a Souls-like sport, Chronos is difficult. And also you gon’ die. However because of the sport incentivizing loss of life in a suave manner, it’s now not so defeating or punishing as different Souls video games. Because of this and the power to modify issue, it’s a amateur pleasant sport. The bosses are simply probably the most difficult baddies

As for flaws, the digicam is reasonably the problem on enclosed areas. This can also be an anxious drawback as it will possibly reason assaults that generally hit not to achieve this. And if you happen to so occur to be round more than one enemies, you’ll really feel ganged up on. There additionally instances the place the collision detection and physics get you trapped throughout the enemy’s clutch, which is able to get you unfairly killed.

Technical Sides of Chronos

Chronos isn’t large price range however that doesn’t imply that the visuals are unhealthy. The ambience within the locals you cross to is in reality neatly executed, particularly when enclosed. Some provide you with a way of dread as you don’t know what you’ll to find. The primary house feels deliberately indifferent from the opposite spaces in roughly a jarring manner and it really works.

Visually, it will get the task executed and it’s artwork route does assist with the full tones of bleakness but from time to time surprise of the places you cross to. Which works neatly with the lore and tale. It’s now not too onerous to piece in combination what’s occurring, nevertheless it nonetheless helps to keep you intrigued sufficient to proceed to seek for lore.


Chronos: Sooner than the Ashes is a cast RPG. It gained’t blow your thoughts, however I don’t suppose it’s making an attempt to take action. All it desires if for the participant is for it to have a great time with the sport on the other hand they would like. With other issue ranges, it’s a Souls-esque sport that’s tailor made for rookies to the style.

When you’ve performed different Souls video games, Chronos is most likely now not going to “wow” you. Nevertheless it is a fascinating one to take a look at because of it’s distinctive tackle loss of life. Total, a cast sport this is price trying out if you happen to’re curious concerning the Souls style of video games.

Death to Get Older




  • Accessibility then maximum different video games in it’s style
  • Mysterious but captivating places
  • Bosses are reasonably difficult and implementing
  • Neatly executed surroundings that provides captivating but dreadful vibe
  • Distinctive dying mechanic that provides a novel spin on personality skills


  • Collision detection can also be questionable with the video games physics
  • Digicam may cause issues in hitting enemies and getting blindsided
  • Enemies can also be repetitive from time to time


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