Check out more screens and art for Sephiroth in Smash Bros. Ultimate

You realize you might be simply crying about Sq. transferring to Ps for FF7 because of wanting disc’s for preredered cutscenes and thats it, proper? Since mid lifetime of gamecube/GBA, SE has ported no matter is possible for Ultimate Delusion to Nintendo platforms, with a number of smaller, unique video games alongside the best way. You might be actually simply butthurt a few 20+ 12 months previous trade choice, and a wise one at that. Your entire argument is clinging right into a trade choice that you simply imagine being terrible betrayal.

And it was once an inevitability anyway, as Sq. design philosophy was once to push the envelope in relation to graphics, one thing provide throughout FF13 when the trade stuck up and surpassed them in principally each and every means. Had they caught with N64 for FF7, that transfer would have simply been the following sport when they might see how a lot more they might do in relation to cutscenes, audio, and so forth.

Stay crying, as I actually dont care how you’re feeling in regards to the selection, however pretending it will have to be other as a result of SE is a few terrible, backstabbing corporate “that quicker give Nintendo the center finger than any type of first rate strengthen” is very disingenuous.

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