Bravely Default II gets new screens and art, plus info on Savalon, Wiswald, special moves, field actions, jobs, characters, and more

■ Global

An orthodox evolution of the Bravely sequence. The nice and cozy, miniature garden-esque global is depicted much more superbly in Bravely Default II.

The Continent of Excillant

More than a few worlds fill out the continent of Excillant, the place our tale is about. What awaits our heroes prior to they got down to accomplish their objectives…?

Savalon, The Drought Kingdom

A rustic changed into a desolate tract by way of the lumbering and wars by way of the dynasty of 200 years prior. Even if an underground approach vein used to be found out, town is starting to submerge consequently. It’s also identified for its sumptuous on line casino corridor.

Wiswald, The Magic Kingdom

A rustic established by way of mages with Emma Odilia on the helm just about 50 years prior. Mages were dedicating themselves to their research on the Magic Analysis Institute, which additionally serves as a central authority frame, however now town is overgrown with plants and in dysfunction.

■ Characters: Savalon

First Prince Castor (voiced by way of Satoshi Hino)

The primary prince of Savalon, outstanding within the literary and armed forces arts.

Even if he participates at the council on behalf of King Leon, he’s fearful about its present state underneath the keep watch over of rich traders who prioritize income over nationwide politics and the folk’s happiness.

2nd Prince Boor (voiced by way of Shougo Sakata)

Prince Castor’s more youthful brother. He’s a type prince who cares for and worries about his brother, who has a tendency to be reckless. He’s recently clear of Savalon, learning out of the country to extend his horizons.

Leader Archivist Andro (voiced by way of Shozo Sasaki)

A person who works because the Leader Archivist of Savalon. The Leader Archivist information the occasions that happen within the kingdom, evaluating them to these of the previous, and assists the king.

Olfa Dragordia (voiced by way of Nobuo Tobita)

Troubadour Asterisk Holder.

A poet hired by way of Bernard Alphard, proprietor of the on line casino corridor.

A person who loves tragic performs and ceaselessly speaks in some way belittling of others. He used to be as soon as hired because the court docket poet of Musa, however used to be banished from the rustic.

Shaula Clarence (voiced by way of Junko Minagawa)

Gambler Asterisk Holder.

A voluptuous gambler who frequents the on line casino corridor.

A depraved girl who demanding situations the boys seduced by way of her good looks to card video games, taking all their cash and the use of them as pawns.

Nihal (voiced by way of Yukiyo Fujii)

Beastmaster Asterisk Holder.

A reticent girl who places on beast and animal performances on the on line casino corridor.

She used to be a member of a touring acrobatics troupe, however used to be picked up by way of Bernard Alphard after a monster assault left her all by myself in her global.

Bernard Alphard (voiced by way of Takaya Kuroda)

Thief Asterisk Holder.

Proprietor of Savalon’s well-known on line casino corridor.

A person who constructed the on line casino corridor of an entire life and is now a member of the council. He’s the person who found out the underground water vein and taken an inflow of water to Savalon.

■ Characters: Wiswald

Emma Odilia (voiced by way of Masako Katsuki)

Elvis and Rody’s overdue grasp. Because the central determine within the founding of Wiswald, she used to be a simply and independent mage.

Rody Grenadine (voiced by way of Yasunori Matsumoto)

Pink Mage Asterisk Holder.

Head of the Magic Analysis Institute, in addition to the chief of Wiswald.

Elvis’ senior scholar, in combination they studied magic underneath the steerage of Emma Odilia. Since dropping his daughter in an coincidence, he has holed himself up within the Magic Analysis Institute faithful to a couple type of analysis.

Lily Grenadine (voiced by way of Miki Narahashi)

Hunter Asterisk Holder.

Rody Grenadine’s spouse, and the lady who helps him in the back of the scenes.

Since dropping her daughter, she has holed herself up within the woodland close to town. Then again, she is alleged to be residing there along with her daughter who died…

Galahad Kelly (voiced by way of Hiroki Yasumoto)

Defend Grasp Asterisk Holder.

Guardsman of the Magic Analysis Institute. Even if born in Rimedahl, he used to be taken in by way of relative residing in Wiswald after the loss of life of his folks. He blames himself for the loss of life of Rody and Lily’s daughter.

■ Techniques

Along with a conventional, turn-based struggle device, you’ll be able to experience leading edge and strategic battles distinctive to the Bravely sequence with parts akin to “particular assaults” that buffs your celebration in real-time, and “toughen skills” that may be blended with more than one jobs.

Particular Strikes

Along with tough “particular strikes” that may be activated underneath sure stipulations in struggle, devoted particular transfer background song buffs all of the celebration. The buff stays for lengthy because the song continues taking part in after activation, providing you with the chance to briefly wipe the ground along with your enemies.

—Beastmaster Particular Transfer: “Let’s Do Our Perfect In combination!”

Summons a lot of monsters and unleashes an impressive bodily assault on all enemies. Will increase all of the celebration’s bodily assault and magic assault energy.

—White Mage Particular Transfer: “Sacred Gentle”

Recovers a big portion of all allies’ HP, in addition to treatments all standing diseases. Will increase all of the celebration’s bodily protection and magic protection energy.

Use particular strikes to wipe out enemies in real-time.

Make stronger Skills

By way of mastering a role, along with command skills you’ll be able to use in struggle, you’ll be able to additionally equip and be told toughen skills that buff your personality. Realized toughen skills will also be provided even supposing you convert jobs, permitting you to mix them with different jobs.

—“Empty Passed” (Monk)

When each arms are unfastened of apparatus, bodily assault energy and accuracy fee considerably build up.

—“Aspir Assault” (Black Mage)

Restores MP in accordance with the wear and tear dealt by way of the “Assault” command.

Box Movements

By way of slashing your sword at monsters wandering the sphere, you’ll be able to get started the struggle with Courageous Assault activated to achieve an extra Courageous Level (BP). You’ll be able to additionally use your sword to chop the grass at the box to search out pieces.

—The placement firstly of the struggle adjustments relying on whether or not you manner the enemy from in the back of, get snuck up on by way of the enemy your self, or strike them along with your sword.

—In case your Courageous Assault is a luck, you are going to get started the struggle with an extra Courageous Level.

—For those who reduce down grass, it’s possible you’ll in finding an merchandise.

■ Jobs


Helps the celebration in the course of the energy of poetry.

An lend a hand task that protects the celebration’s standing. With plenty of general impact talents readily available, the Troubadour a competent best friend in opposition to sturdy enemies.


A shortstop that employs more than a few monsters.

The Beastmaster captures and employs its prey. From offense to reduction, it could combat flexibly in keeping with the placement.


Leaves it to success to show the tables.

A playing task now not afraid to take a possibility. With success on its aspect, the Gambler goals for a large go back.


Pulverizes enemies with its trusty awl.

An attacker that wields an awl with top assault energy to demolish its enemies.

Pink Mage

An all-purpose mage outstanding in each offense and protection.

This common mage task can use each assault magic and restoration magic.


Analyzes the enemy to pierce their susceptible level.

A grasp of the bow, the Hunter unleashes tough blows that pierce the enemy’s susceptible level.

Defend Grasp

The celebration’s iron citadel that stands at the entrance line.

A defense-specialized task that wards off assaults and protects its allies with top protection energy and a big defend.


An artist that repaints the struggle.

A task that debuffs the enemy thru by using more than a few colours.

■ Community

The Bravely sequence’ acquainted “Unmarried-Participant RPG You Can Play With Everybody” part returns. In Bravely Default II, you’ll be able to make the most of the time the sport is in sleep mode to lend a hand develop your characters.

“Seek”: Take Benefit of the Time You Are Not able to Play

“Seek” mode, during which you hire a ship to discover the seas, is a at hand function that lets you earn rewards in accordance with the period of time your sport is in sleep mode. By way of “looking” if you end up not able to play, you’ll be able to download pieces that lend a hand your enlargement, together with revel in issues and task issues. Whilst you’ll be able to use this selection offline, in case you are attached to the web, avid gamers from different worlds will let you and extra build up your rewards.

—You’ll be able to get started “Seek” mode by way of visiting the aged girl who rents boat within the beginning nation.

—Your rewards will build up in accordance with the period of time your sport is asleep. You’ll be able to proceed to “seek” for as much as 12 hours, so take advantage of your time while you cross to mattress or cross out.

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