Best Characters in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, All 18 Ranked

Whilst numerous different Musou video games have larger rosters, Age of Calamity remains to be filled with fascinating characters with distinctive playstyles. There are vintage characters like Hyperlink, Zelda, and Impa, however Age of Calamity’s roster could also be stuffed with different characters that the Breath of the Wild global has to provide.

Each personality has a unique transfer set and playstyle, and so they even have other way of traversal, can use their Sheikah slates in a different way, and feature distinctive guns.

The builders did an excellent task of constructing each and every facet of every personality really feel particular to them in particular. However no longer all are created equivalent. Some characters are simply downright higher/extra amusing to play because of their design.

So who’s the ground of the barrel, and who finally ends up as the selected hero? Here’s our record of every Age of Calamity personality ranked.

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Persona spoilers forward if you happen to haven’t overwhelmed the sport yet18. Grasp Koga

The well-known chief of the Yiga Extended family, recognized for being unbearably lazy, is no doubt the worst personality to play as in Age of Calamity.

Because of his laziness, Grasp Koga has a “pressure meter.” This meter fills every time he makes use of one in all his sturdy assaults (carried out all over any combo). If his pressure meter fills totally, he’ll throw a tantrum, leaving him susceptible.

You’ll be able to press ZR to unlock your pressure, nevertheless it in reality slows down the float of your mixtures. It’s in truth exhausting to explain how traumatic all of that is. Anytime I performed as Grasp Koga, I in reality want they added his underling, Soga, as a substitute. No less than Soga looked like a groovy, no longer lazy ninja.

17. Hestu

While you bring to mind cool characters from Breath of the Wild you’d need to play as, I don’t suppose Hestu crowned any individual’s record. Koroks aren’t in reality one of the vital races from Hyrule that would appear are compatible to battle in a warfare, and it displays.

Hestu is large and clunky, and his gimmick is to summon extra tiny Koroks to assist him battle. It’s like a much less amusing model of Impa’s moveset. The place different personality’s mixtures really feel fluent and amusing to drag off, Hestu simply feels stagnant and unhealthy.

To most sensible all of it off, his weapon of selection is maracas, and the most productive variation of that weapon that he will get is within the form of poop. Yeah… very conventional since that’s what Korok seeds are fabricated from.

16. Riju

Age of Calamity is frequently about preventing unmarried bosses, which can also be in reality exhausting to do as Riju. That is because of her weapon being her sand seal, Patricia, and her preventing taste is her hooked up to it, more or less like any individual driving a wakeboard hooked up to a ship.

It’s difficult to regulate and tough to focus on one enemy at a time, which items many issues. I spent extra time seeking to get her to head the place I sought after her to head than I did in reality preventing the enemies I wished her to.

It’s a groovy thought in concept, nevertheless it simply wasn’t finished neatly. She has relatively an invaluable moveset, too; it’s simply this kind of disgrace it used to be a trouble to regulate her in any battle.

15. Calamity Ganon

For the general personality that you just download, Calamity Ganon can also be more or less a let-down. He’s a surprisingly enforcing personality at the battlefield, however he can also be very awkward to battle as.

He has some extremely lengthy assault animations, that may frequently get interrupted through enemies and you’ll be able to’t cancel out of them through dodging. His gimmick is that a few of his strikes drop malice at the battlefield which you’ll be able to take in and sooner or later turn out to be a more potent shape.

The problem is this more potent shape handiest lasts for a few seconds and will appear very lackluster. I in reality idea the large baddie of this recreation would pack extra of a punch.

14. Nice Fairies

The whole thing in regards to the Nice Fairies is solely… awkward. They’re so giant that they are able to’t dodge anything else, and so they transfer so freaking slowly. Different heavy-hitting characters like Daruk are a lot quicker and extra versatile in terms of motion.

Age of Calamity is full of characters of all sizes, however perhaps having 4 nice fairies in a single wasn’t the most productive pick out when it got here to picking who to convey from Breath of the Wild.

13. Monk Maz Koisha

Maz Koisha is without doubt one of the few not obligatory characters that’s in reality lovely cool. In contrast to different characters, his towering nature isn’t in reality a topic, and he has a sexy superior moveset.

He’s nonetheless more or less clunky because of his dimension, and he’s nonetheless fairly sluggish, plus when he turns massive, he simply wracks up harm.

He can nonetheless be a devastating power, although, and it used to be in reality cool that the priests of Hyrule were given a playable personality on this recreation.

12. Mipha

From right here on out, each and every personality in this record is in reality amusing to play in a method or every other and feature only a few downsides. Mipha isn’t any exception. She has an excellent moveset, can simply take down bosses, and she or he’s simply undeniable amusing to regulate.

Her assault pace is implausible, and her whirlpool gimmick we could her get proper in enemies’ faces if she is ever at a distance.

Her brother Sidon is surely more potent, however Mipha remains to be a in reality nice personality all-around in Age of Calamity.

11. Teba

Teba has one of the vital identical problems as Riju, however nowhere close to as unhealthy. A couple of of his sturdy strikes can also be exhausting to regulate, particularly if you happen to’re locked directly to a more potent enemy. However he’s nonetheless an excellent fighter.

Similar to Revali, Teba has nice motion and will simply get across the battlefield. His preventing taste is a lot more range-based in comparison to different characters, and his ZR assault is astounding.

Should you fee it lengthy sufficient, it rains bombs around the battlefield for a good whilst. It’s incredible for clearing out massive crowds in mere seconds.

10. Urbosa

It’s no longer exhausting to peer why Urbosa is such a lot of gamers’ favourite personality; she’s an absolute beast at the battlefield. Her lights assaults decimate enemies and break enemy vulnerable issues.

Her lightning gauge fees as she makes use of assaults, so it fills up fairly briefly. You’ll seldom wish to in reality cling the fee button, the one time perhaps ahead of going into a chairman battle.

There’s in reality no longer a lot more to mention –she’s an excellent personality.

9. Daruk

Gorons have all the time been the sluggish, clunky kind that inhabits the mountains of Hyrule, and Daruk isn’t any other. However whilst he is also a bit of sluggish, he’s an absolute beast at the battlefield.

His coverage skill we could him simply block harm, and it’s a quick strategy to get round any battlefield, knocking out any individual in the best way. His magma explosion ability isn’t all the time the best, nevertheless it may give helpful crowd regulate.

His assaults have nice achieve, and he does huge quantities of wear and tear. No longer everybody likes sluggish, robust characters, however Daruk is solely natural amusing in Age of Calamity.

8. Sidon

Sidon has the entire advantages that Mipha has, aside from he’s more potent. His ZR strikes give him an additional assault on the finish of his mixtures. His motion is also a bit of slower, however his power surely makes up for it.

He additionally has one of the vital coolest makes use of of bombs within the recreation, as he hits them together with his trident like a baseball bat. You’ll have to make use of exact timing if you wish to intention as it should be, and it’s so relaxing.

He additionally rides round on a shark made up of water, and if that’s no longer superior, I don’t know what’s.

7. Terrako

After performing some end-game content material, you’ll free up this lovable little child parent. Regardless of being small, he can pack relatively a punch and has superb fluctuate, because of his laser skill.

Considered one of his sturdy assaults even we could him summon small orbs that permit him to fireside further lasers. So that you’ll do huge harm to special bosses and be capable to filter hordes of enemies.

His particular assault additionally fires an enormous laser that you’ll be able to regulate for a couple of seconds, making Terrako a go-to for timed missions the place it’s important to take out loads of enemies.

6. Zelda

Zelda is the one personality instead of Hyperlink that makes use of a couple of weapon kind. About 3/4 of the best way in the course of the recreation, Zelda awakens her powers, letting her use the bow of sunshine.

Her first shape/weapon is the Sheikah Slate, which we could her use her bombs, magnesis, cryonis, and stasis in common fight. Her mixtures are exhausting to drag off and it may be complicated how they in reality paintings. It simply doesn’t really feel very fluid.

Her bow of sunshine mode is far better although, because it does a ton of AOE harm. Her particular gauge additionally fills extremely rapid, so she’ll be blasting thru any and each and every map.

5. Yunobo

Having the entire boons of Daruk, Yunobo additionally fixes the problems Daruk has as neatly. While Daruk’s magma skill isn’t probably the most helpful, Yunobo’s skill powers up all of his assaults or even provides him higher fluctuate.

His gimmick is that he eats rock roast to make his mixtures do extra harm and provides them a fairly explosive impact. His spinning arm swing transfer is superb towards bosses.

He’s surely nonetheless a standard sluggish Goron although.

4. King Rhoam

The King of Hyrule is a smart personality for more than one causes. That is the primary example we’re in a position to play as him in any capability, and he has two other bureaucracy you’ll be able to play as in Age of Calamity.

In contrast to Hyperlink and Zelda, King Rhoam handiest makes use of one weapon kind regardless of having two bureaucracy. By way of urgent the ZR button, the king of Hyrule adjustments to his hooded outdated guy conceal and makes use of an enormous double-edged awl.

His common shape is sluggish whilst his disguised shape is far quicker. Regardless, every shape is robust, and each have nice achieve, making him an absolute monster at the box of fight.

You’re additionally in a position to change his conceal on the finish of your mixtures, making the alternate fluid and no longer awkward.

3. Revali

Whilst Revali is smug and means too filled with himself, his fight prowess is relatively spectacular. He’s in a position to take to the skies to snipe enemies from afar similar to Teba, however his mixtures are significantly better.

His motion pace and way of traversal are the most productive within the recreation, as being within the sky way he can simply move over enemies and threat. None of his mixtures will ever get interrupted until you’re going through an enormous boss like a Hinox.

He’s nice at staying out of enemy fluctuate whilst preventing and choosing off enemies. He’s in reality no longer the most powerful, however he makes up for it in such a lot of alternative ways.

2. Impa

Since she used to be printed as a playable personality, Impa has been fairly of a fan favourite. Even higher for her enthusiasts is that she’s simply one of the vital highest characters in all of the recreation.

Her skill is that she will be able to imprint enemies with indicators after which take in the ones indicators, making power copies of herself and tripling her harm output. Having 3 clones additionally lets in her particular meter to be stuffed extremely rapid.

She’s agile, you’ll be able to continuously dole out harm along with her particular or elementary assaults, and she or he’s simply total an incredible personality. She used to be the go-to once I had to get someplace and kill one thing rapid.

1. Hyperlink

Major characters aren’t all the time probably the most amusing to play as, however Hyperlink definitely is on this case. He makes use of 3 various kinds of guns: sword and protect, spears, and two-handed guns. This provides him a ton of range.

No longer handiest are there more than one tactics to play as him, however his moveset additionally has such fluidity that each one of his mixtures paintings extremely neatly into every different. I all the time discovered that Hyperlink used to be the most productive at wiping out hordes of enemies and killing bosses.

He’s additionally in a position to shield-surf when he runs, which is tremendous cool. And his ZR assault lets in him to make use of his bow, which is excellent for interrupting enemy assaults and surprising them.

Issues get even higher when he obtains the Grasp Sword, because it provides a ton of fluctuate to his assaults, permitting you to steer clear of a protected distance whilst nonetheless doing harm. He is superb in each and every means, making him the most productive personality in Age of Calamity.

Take a look at our evaluate of Age of Calamity and spot why the characters aren’t the one nice facet of the sport!

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