Atlus Needs A Better Way to Add New Story Elements to Their Re-Released Titles

December 4, 2020 3:00 PM EST

Atlus is legendary for re-releasing their liked titles by means of introducing new characters and plot issues, however not too long ago it hasn’t felt vital.

Caution: This newsletter accommodates primary tale spoilers for Personality 5 Royal and Catherine: Complete Frame by means of Atlus.

During the last decade, Atlus has temporarily turn out to be considered one of my favourite builders, to the purpose the place a number of in their titles are a few of my favourite video games of all time. Personality 5 was once my 2017 Sport of the 12 months, Catherine (the unique) is my favourite puzzle sport, and Tokyo Mirage Classes #FE is an out of this world JRPG that didn’t get sufficient reputation, even with getting a 2nd existence on Transfer previous this 12 months. In spite of my love for those video games, I’ve spotted a development with Atlus’s fresh titles like Catherine: Complete Frame and Personality 5 Royal, which make bigger on every sport’s unique launch; the brand new tale additions really feel misplaced.

Rin and Vincent in Catherine: Complete Frame

Catherine: Complete Frame introduces a brand new love hobby into the combination with Rin, including 5 new tale paths to the unique’s 8. Taking part in thru Rin’s true direction, it kind of feels herbal to have the unique romance choices of Katherine and Catherine nonetheless being core portions of the overarching narrative (even with the narrative problems I feel it brings). Then again, when you’re taking place a trail the place you don’t romance Rin, he’s merely written off. Leader Manufacturer Katsura Hashino mentioned again in 2018 that “Catherine: Complete Frame is a whole model of the idea that from the former sport, which can also be delivered for the reason that sense of values has been diverse since 7 years in the past.” Whilst this could be true, it doesn’t translate smartly from the unique Catherine to Catherine: Complete Frame ten years later.

Personality 5 Royal has identical issues however to an much more vital stage. Outdoor of the good high quality of existence enhancements that Personality 5 Royal brings, the sport introduces two new characters into the tale…more or less. Dr. Maruki and Kasumi are new Confidants that you’ll shape relationships with, and whilst the ones do deliver some nice advantages in battle all over the bottom tale of Personality 5, they’re kind of there for personality construction till the brand new semester on the finish of the sport.

Kasumi in Personality 5 Royal.

Merely put, I don’t like the brand new semester in Personality 5 Royal. It doesn’t paintings for me for a myriad of causes, however the primary level is that the brand new finishing is a far weaker conclusion to an already best one. Within the unique Personality 5, after defeating Yaldabaoth the whole lot is going again to customary and truth is restored. We are saying our goodbyes to Morgana (for a little while) and the Phantom Thieves return to their common lives. The whole lot is resolved and the sport feels over till you get up day after today, in an absolutely other truth, and feature twenty extra hours of the sport to play. Why? Merely to concentrate on Dr. Maruki and Kasumi, the brand new characters who had little or no importance within the unique tale. Akechi additionally returns after his assumed demise, however there’s no concrete proof that he comes again completely after solving truth.

Granted, there are some sudden personality revelations all over, however the stakes to hand really feel smaller this time round. Additionally, Dr. Maruki didn’t make for a compelling villain. The cognitive truth he created was once fallacious on the base stage for the reason that Phantom Thieves nonetheless existed, in spite of the motivations that led its individuals to sign up for by no means taking place. He items the similar concepts to you a lot of occasions, and every time he’s stunned by means of your response as though he’s heard it for the primary time. In brief, those are all simply useless additions to an already masterful sport. There are simply too many problems to justify the brand new characters and tale issues that Royal introduces. If it weren’t for the standard of existence enhancements that have been dropped at the sport, I’d suggest novices to play Personality 5 over Personality 5 Royal.

The group’s all right here in Personality 4 Golden.

The object that fascinates me about this development is that Atlus has discovered a greater approach of bringing new parts for the narrative of their re-releases ahead of. In Personality 4 Golden, the up to date model of Personality 4 added new characters and tale parts, however it didn’t really feel as jarring because of the real finishing of Personality 4 being a unique conclusion in Golden. In Golden, the real finishing simply provides an epilogue following the unique’s conclusion. Personality 3 FES is an identical scenario to Personality 3, having an epilogue following the primary tale referred to as The Solution. To me those are higher tactics of imposing new tale issues as a result of principally they don’t have an effect on the imaginative and prescient of the unique variations, and it doesn’t lead them to really feel shoe-horned in.

Some may just argue that the 3rd semester in Royal is an epilogue in itself, however it feels extra like a fourth act after the curtains have clearly closed. Each Atlus sport I’ve performed feels exact at the approach it’s constructed and performed, so when bringing new issues into the fray, it feels polarizing. I don’t know why Atlus made up our minds to stray clear of its unique structure in making use of tale parts for the definitive variations in their video games, and truthfully, I feel Personality 4 Golden and Personality 3 FES are nice examples to take a look at. But when they proceed taking place the trail they’re on, I’d moderately have them upload not anything narrative-wise in anyway to those up to date releases.

Kiria hanging on a display in Tokyo Mirage Classes #FE Encore.

To spotlight some other fresh instance, Tokyo Mirage Classes #FE at the start launched at the Wii U and whilst only a few performed it on the time, I used to be ecstatic when it was once introduced to be getting a Transfer port. My first idea on the time was once “I am hoping Atlus provides new portions to the tale,” and was once saddened to listen to that may no longer be the case. Even so, when I completed Tokyo Mirage Classes #FE Encore previous this 12 months, I spotted that it didn’t want it. There have been new options and additions like costumes and birthday celebration individuals to take part in Classes, however its tale was once best how it was once.

Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne is getting a remaster subsequent 12 months within the west and it kind of feels that it’s going to be in a identical scenario as Tokyo Mirage Classes, which is superb to listen to. After at the start freeing at the PlayStation 2, it’s been a very long time (if no longer the primary time) that many avid gamers will revel in it, and I’m taking a look ahead not to seeing any primary narrative issues being posthumously injected within it.

Atlus doing those re-releases typically isn’t in particular unhealthy, particularly to offer deserving video games some other likelihood to construct luck. However with Personality 5 being the already implausible JRPG it’s, to me it by no means felt vital to do a re-release with Personality 5 Royal, particularly with it being best 3 years after the unique’s launch. Catherine: Complete Frame will get extra of a move as it was once a decade for the reason that launch of Catherine, so it felt extra welcome. However even then, Complete Frame nonetheless has some problems when it relates to the brand new narrative sides.

It’s truthful to mention that I don’t know if I’d really feel the similar approach if I by no means performed the unique Catherine or Personality 5, however to me, those new tale inclusions from Atlus’ up to date releases stick out like a sore thumb. I feel Catherine: Complete Frame and Personality 5 Royal are impressive video games that deserve the affection that they get. I will be able to additionally by no means argue in opposition to a sport changing into extra obtainable for a larger target market to play it, which each titles do. However from a tale viewpoint, I think like they have been higher of their unique bureaucracy.

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