Assassin’s Creed Valhalla will get another big patch next week

A hotfix rolled out lately for Murderer’s Creed Valhalla on some platforms, however the larger information is that some other primary patch, within the type of a identify replace, is on agenda for subsequent week, Ubisoft stated.

Lately’s hotfix addresses a rather pressing factor: it sort of feels some gamers (Ubisoft isn’t transparent on which platforms have been impacted) were not able to make use of rapid shuttle because the 1.0.4 replace, which got here out November 25. Alternatively, within the tweet saying the hotfix, Ubisoft says “we will additionally verify that our subsequent Name Replace will probably be to be had subsequent week” and thanked gamers for his or her endurance.

The final patch for Valhalla made a number of fixes to Ubisoft’s new Viking recreation, addressing problems like levitating doggos and RAM leaks. Replace 1.0.4 additionally used to be intended to make NPCs get move with you for those who took their issues, despite the fact that anecdotally that also hasn’t bogged down our addiction for robotically thieving the rest that isn’t nailed down. The patch additionally incorporated a spherical of steadiness enhancements and save recreation fixes, making native and cloud saves extra distinct from each and every different.

The difficulty is, that replace and one of the most hotfixes have annoyed gamers via taking out stock pieces they’ve frolicked running to realize. Since Replace 1.0.4 got rid of replica pieces from Eivor’s stock, some gamers have felt they’ve been left with out rewards for positive actions.

We’ve got deployed a hotfix previous lately that are supposed to re-activate rapid shuttle for some gamers. We will additionally verify that our subsequent Name Replace will probably be to be had subsequent week. Extra information on that within the coming days! Thanks on your endurance.

— Murderer’s Creed (@assassinscreed) December 10, 2020

There were different problems as neatly, equivalent to rapid shuttle being disabled – which thankfully, lately’s hotfix has addressed. However gamers are hopeful that the following Name Replace comprises fixes to a number of actions and mysteries that may recently be inconceivable to finish because of insects, or a glitch that reasons Eivor to all of a sudden die for no reason why whilst using a horse.

Ubisoft hasn’t but shared any information about what we will be expecting within the subsequent identify replace for Valhalla, so we’ll have to hold tight till subsequent week.

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