Flags Maniac

Flags Maniac

Flags Maniac is a fun and educational HTML5 game that challenges your knowledge of world flags. Test your geography skills by identifying flags from different countries while racing against the clock. With multiple difficulty levels and a wide range of flags to discover, Flags Maniac offers an engaging way to learn about the world's nations and their flags.


Instructions to Play:

  1. Launch the Game:

    • Open your web browser and navigate to the Flags Maniac HTML5 game's website.
    • Click the "Play" button to start the game.
  2. Choose Difficulty Level:

    • Select your preferred difficulty level (e.g., Easy, Medium, Hard).
    • The difficulty level determines the number of flags you need to identify and the time limit for each round.
  3. Start the Game:

    • The game will begin, and you'll see a flag displayed on the screen.
    • Below the flag, you'll see a list of country names to choose from.
  4. Identify the Flag:

    • Click on the name of the country that corresponds to the flag displayed.
    • If your answer is correct, you'll earn points, and the game will proceed to the next flag.
    • If you're incorrect, you won't earn points for that flag, but the game will continue.
  5. Race Against the Clock:

    • Keep an eye on the timer. You must identify as many flags as possible before the time runs out.
    • The timer varies depending on the difficulty level you chose.
  6. Achieve High Scores:

    • Try to answer as many flags correctly as you can to earn a high score.
    • The game may keep track of your high scores, encouraging you to improve.
  7. Progress Through Levels:

    • Depending on the game's design, you may progress through levels as you correctly identify flags.
    • Each level may increase in difficulty by introducing more challenging flags or reducing the time available.
  8. Enjoy Learning:

    • Flags Maniac is not just a game but also an educational experience. Take the opportunity to learn about different countries and their flags while having fun.
  9. Replay and Share:

    • Feel free to replay the game and challenge yourself to beat your previous high score.
    • You can also share your scores with friends and compete to see who can identify more flags.
  10. Have Fun:

  • Flags Maniac is designed to be enjoyable and educational. Have fun while expanding your knowledge of world flags.

Remember that Flags Maniac is a game of skill and memory, so keep practicing to improve your flag recognition abilities and achieve the highest scores possible. Enjoy the challenge and the opportunity to explore the world from your computer screen!

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